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“Prayer” by Mayrah

Independent Switzerland singer-songwriter Mayrah has brazenly shown her vulnerability in her peaceful and charming track “Prayer,” which she has gracefully shared with the world.

Exuding sultry vibes, “Prayer” maintains a cool and calm atmosphere with intimate guitar, simple percussion, and a piano that’s a feast for the ears. Mayrah’s vocals, an impressive cursive style, are a conduit for raw emotions, connecting with the listener profoundly.

The pleading chorus is catchy and guaranteed to get stuck in your head, but it’s worth it. It was a unique idea to have the instrumentals and backing voices continue at the end until they trail off. “Prayer” is simple, elegant, and a breath of fresh air.

From the track’s sounds, Mayrah is a gorgeous singer and excellent songwriter who will go places.

Also, big congratulations to the rising star who got engaged in March! Congrats, Mayrah. Rising Artists wishes you and your beau a lifetime of happiness and love!


Written by Taylor Berry

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