“June 28th” by Molly Baker

Washington DC-based singer-songwriter Molly Baker reminds us all that love stays with us forever as she releases her newest single “June 28th.” While this track may not be the young artist’s first release, it proves a sentimental one as it is her first to showcase her talents alone, with every cord and note coming straight from the artist without any outside input. A tender and affectionate story, it speaks to her feelings about a romance that has faded, but lingering feelings make it impossible to put on a shelf.

The song opens with a soft and somber piano progression that sets the tone for a period of pensive reflection. Baker’s vocals begin the narrative after a few bars and the song takes flight. Beginning with a soulful resonance, she starts to deliver her message with the opening lines “June 28th, I text you balloons and cake.”

An emotionally motivated piece, it assigns words to the internal journey of piecing together where a relationship went down the wrong path. Lines like “How did we let things fade? Was one moment to blame?” give us insight into the artist’s process, allowing us to walk through her grief alongside her as she revisits messages from their past to relive a time when they felt closer. Set to a somber and soulful melody, she guides us through the memories that allow her to keep her composure.

The song ends with a single sustained piano chord that fades out with the piece. Serving to punctuate the music and the message, it adds to the piece’s emotional depth with well-deserved weighted brevity.

Written by Nick Gumas





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