Review & Press Interview: ‘Keep Me Fed’ by The Warning

The Warning is swinging back with a killer album. Keep Me Fed sees a rejuvenation of their sound, being more relentless, bold and ass-kicking. They no longer have the need to please anyone but be who they are as they are constantly evolving and seeking for thrilling new sounds. From the very first guitar riff, Keep Me Fed announces The Warning’s prominent status in the rock world. With a noise-coiled sound snake, “Six Feet Deep” opens the record strong with confidence and dominance. The Warning dives deep into a dark tone, wrapped around a slick Red Hot Pepper Chili-style groove and a Paramore aesthetic.

”S!CK” is yet another banger that instantly grabs your attention and squeezes the juice out of your heart. Revolving around a foot-stomping rhythm, the ever-evolving track is gritty, dirty and straight down fire, while the chorus pumps your veins every time it occurs. “Apologize” takes a more disobedient direction, having The Warning spitting out ghostly haunting melodies. Though the track’s named Apologize, it’s nothing but unapologizing.

”Que Mas Quieres” sees the Mexican band bringing a little local spice into the mix. The track is a little indie and kaleidoscopic. A wonderful detour before hopping to a darker Avril Lavigne vibe with “MORE.” The spiraling track sonically depicts a staircase movement down a rabbit hole full of deception and manipulation. “Escapism” picks up the chilling vibe with fierce vocals and explosive texture. The colder tone banger directly confronts with the warm, swamp set up by “S!CK.”

”Burnout” and “Sharks” as immersive as they are mesmerizing. “Hell You Call A Dream” balances the duality of soft and hard, being pushed and pulled between two extremes. It’s safe to say that The Warning has entered a new era, sonically. Even after ten years of being the rock music scene, they are still fresh. In fact, they are more even ever inspired.

Written by Katrina Yang

Press Q&A with The Warning

Q: If you have any advice for any young girls who want to get into music, what would you say?

The Warning: Confidence is the key. With everything, we’re conditioned to be scared and not speak out. Sometimes, in sound checks, I’m afraid to tell the engineer from the festival that I can’t hear myself in the ears. Why would I not do that? It’s literally my job and their job to do that, so it’s really just knowing where you are and being confident. With the openness to learn and grow and having the confidence and security to do things and surround yourself with people who will take care of you, push you as parents who would push you and protect you as parents do.

Q: What’s the meaning behind your newest album ‘Keep Me Fed’?

The Warning: Keep Me Fed speaks about the need we all have to keep being fed, whether it being entertainment or social media. Just everything we consume and how we participate in the cycle as well. How we feed certain things, peoples and fans following up. How we feed what other people do. It’s just about the little never-ending cycle we’re in.

Q: You guys are set to play many upcoming festivals in the coming summer. Do you have any pre show rituals?

The Warning: We stretch a lot. We usually jump and move around a lot. We have one ritual. We all just hold hands, put a little prayer, we put our intentions and put it into the universe and feel grateful and just go into the show.

Q: How do you feel to experience rock n roll fame at such a young age?

The Warning: I feel like we didn’t really realize what was going on. We started out just writing this wave of good fortune that happened. We received a lot of attention for sure that we were not used to. We were so young. Just step by step. We are just very grateful that we get to do this together. I don’t know how we would have done it if it was only me. And also to have this experience of the past ten years. I feel like it really let us do what we do now in the best way possibly can. It really helps us set a foundation for what we want to do. Now we had the opportunities and the opportunities for growth, we feel like we have the experience to knock it off.

Q: You have worked with so many iconic groups. How does it feel to collaborate with so many iconic names in rock music?

The Warning: Amazing. We’re super grateful for these opportunists and everyone who wanted to invite us and give us that platform to grow. It just means the world.

Q: As an all female band, how does it feel like to pursue music in an industry that’s historically consists of men?

The Warning: As women, we always sit down and think about it, like Oh my god, we’re the only women here. More than anything, it’s just the part of the experience we live on a day-to-day, and we’ve been living it for ten years, so it is something that more than anything people don’t have high expectation, and they don’t expect women to step on these stages to play well. It’s really our goal to show what we do musically, and hopefully it changes people’s minds, and over the years, it has been chipping away from rock.







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