“Timed Out” by CAVN

London-based songwriter and producer CAVN has left the gates at full speed with the music she has released at the start of her new project. Cultivating a sound all of her own, she has already proven her merit as an artist with her own sophisticated and explosive directional conception. On the tail of her debut track “Pure & Grey,” ups the ante with the release of her Sophomore single “Timed Out,” a resonant and full-bodied track with genuine depth in its production. 

The piece begins with a thunderous and dramatic introduction. While the vocals come in almost acoustically for a few short syllables, a reverberant synthetic orchestra of accompaniment shortly follows to support the opening line “Why don’t I run? Why don’t I run away from the things that have turned me dark?” The musicality proves tonally continuous from beginning to end as the artist cultivates an aura of pronounced mystery reminiscent of other titans of the genre such as Billie Eilish or Bishop Briggs.

The song’s narrative structure also carries great weight and gives a unique insight into the artist’s topical proclivities and lyrical ability. Many of the lyrics read like journal entries from someone far down a path of self-discovery, highlighted in lines like “I think my loyalty will kill me if I don’t find ways how to cope with pain in healthy manners.” The artist conveys a series of complicated emotions and concepts from emotional conflict to coping with abandonment with great brevity and poise, showcasing their songwriting abilities and creating anticipation for what could come next in their catalog.

Written by Nick Gumas





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