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Blog Coverage


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My name is Melissa Cusano and I write for Rising Artists Music Blog. I am a songwriter who loves to review songs and get a closer look at what makes them so amazing!

We are currently offering the following blog coverage promotion where you submit your music, and if selected, there are payments to complete the offer as explained below.

Please note that you will only hear a response if your music is selected, within a few days:

Promotion Details

$20/Single (if selected)
  • A 250 word music review of original content (no AI here)
  • Blog post onto Rising Artists with front page feature under our “Music Gems” section
  • Instagram story to our 11K+followers
  • Facebook post & story to our 5K+ followers
  • Extra $3 for EPs//Extra $5 for Albums
  • Music submission to our blog is also submitted to our contact network of music sites, and if approved, you have the option to get your review published onto other music publications (for additional costs, with package tiers ranging from $40 to $275)
  • Published onto Rising Artists within 10 days or less of receiving the order. Sent to add-on music sites once the Rising Artists review is up
  • Contact via email with reports on all links
  • Only released music accepted (if it is not, come back once it is live!)

Our site itself gets over 10,000 visitors a month [feel free to check out analytics here]. We gain traction not only from search engines (primarily) and social media, but we also bring in interest from followers of well-known artists with exclusive content – we are pleased to be working with Universal Music to cover some of their artists at press events.

If you’re interested in blog coverage, we ask for a $20 contribution towards our team’s writing times, lunch funds, hosting fees, and blog site promotion fees… this helps us to sustain our writers. For EPs, we request $23 and Albums $25 because those have longer listening times.

Since I, or my colleague Katie Power, will be the ones writing on your music, here are examples of our work with Rising Artists: and