NEW ALBUM: “Journey” by Noah Singer

Ethereal and crisp, Noah Singer’s first album is a fresh approach towards stardom and the music industry. Singer has a natural way of writing about the everyday in an original and heartfelt way. By openly candid, ‘Journey’ has become a body of work that feels similar to an intimate concept album. An album that captures its artist’s personal life in that moment.


Consisting of 8 songs, we get a bittersweet snapshot of Noah Singer’s thought processes over the months. The second song, ‘I’ll Take You Where You Want to Go” is a soulful acoustic track is the epitome of this bittersweetness as he confesses a love that may not be forever. Discussing time and endings, the production smoothly leads the listener through an honest journey of a significant, but not-meant-to-be love.

Sombre reflection and raw honesty are the integral themes of this RnB-infused pop album. Wandering guitar chords flirt between nostalgia, lust, love, and fear as Noah Singer confesses the details of what he does for love. ‘Pictures on the Wall’ is the perfect demonstration of his brilliant ability to encapsulate the whirlwind of emotions, singing “I put the pictures on the walls / stayed up all night for your calls / made some dinner / made the bed / and I will wait for tonight / to make sure that you are alright.” There is an abundance of vulnerability within Noah Singer’s song writing that proves for captivating lyricism. Even in the mundane, this song adopts a soulful quality that sticks within your mind and soul.


Rounding off the gorgeously-crafted album, ‘Tough Times’ is forward-thinking track which is rooted in Noah Singer’s present. Whilst the rest of the songs tend to move seamlessly within the timeframe, there is little space for this in ‘Tough Times’. Instead, this up-tempo track leaves us on a focused, uplifting note that is perfect to round off Noah Singer’s ‘journey’. As listeners, we have undergone this journey and felt the hope (and pain) that comes with finding one’s self. Now, it is up to us to live our own.



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