Kat Saul’s “Alright” is what all lovers should hear

“How much do we lose by not trying?” This is the premise of Kat Saul’s latest hit, “Alright.” 

The song, which perfectly combines pop and alt-rock rhythms, tries to give us enough courage to give everything in the search for love, even knowing the risk we are taking.

Kat is a free soul; this is reflected in her music and the message she seeks to convey. Just as art knows no limits, Kat Saul does not let genres limit her and ventures to combine different styles to achieve the perfect mix, allowing her to express her art magnificence. 

The result? She is the new alt-pop sensation, making leaps and bounds in the music industry.

This 22-year-old artist is giving way to a revolution, a new musical experience, an auditory and emotional experiment that is sweeping the archaic limits of “elevator music.” 

And as we prepare for this musical revolution, which will kick off with Kat Saul’s latest EP (to be released later this year), we invite you to listen to “Alright” on all digital platforms!




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