Gillian Heidi’s “Desperate”: A Runaway Heart’s Complaint

Despite the explosion in popularity that pop music has had in recent years, talented girls are still hard to find. Luckily for all music lovers, Gillian Heidi is here to stay. 

The Boston’s Baby Girl shows off her superb talent, extensive vocal range, and a strong yet refined voice that melts hearts in her latest hit, “Desperate.”

By the hand of Goldhouse, Gillian Heidi combines the quintessence of pop music with honeyed and romantic lyrics to narrate the uncertainty that a woman’s heart can feel when she struggles to follow her true love.

With this song, Gillian Heidi demonstrates all her musical quality. She reinforces her star-aura as she prepares for the big release of her debut album “3 AM”, which will be released next year.

Meanwhile, Gillian Heidi continues to make a name for her in the music industry. Yet, another example of a brilliant career awaits her in the future.

Watch "Desperate" ORIGINAL Video:

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