“Middle Of The Road” by Chaz Cardigan

Chaz Cardigan’s latest single “Middle Of The Road” is an energetic and dynamic pop song that will catch you off guard and have you dancing before you even realize it. A satisfying blend of electronic beats and Cardigan’s own clear, soulful vocals make this the perfect song for the dance floor or belting out in your car while stuck in traffic.

“Middle Of The Road” draws you in slowly with ambient instrumentation and Cardigan’s velvet vocals lulling you into a false sense of calm. Slowly, the intensity builds through the second verse until you are thrown into the rhythmic chorus that erupts in a full-on dance-pop production. The strategic buildup of intensity paired with Cardigan’s emotional delivery as he sings “I’m not gonna dance in the middle of the road, in between all the highs and lows” will give you chills. The lyrics themselves are incredibly personal and relatable, adding an impressive additional layer to this moving song.

Originally from Kentucky, the now Nashville-based Chaz Cardigan has found his voice in being vulnerable. The 25-year-old has released two EPs titled Vulnerabilia and Holograma, each delving into deep subject matter such as his mental health and life changes. Cardigan’s sincere songwriting matched with his musical skills (including being a trained classical pianist) allow him to create engaging, uplifting music that will have you dancing wherever the road takes you.

Written by Katrina Charles

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