“Feelings” by Courtney Govan

Courtney Govan’s single “Feelings” off of her EP of the same name is a modern, soulful tune that will keep you on your toes with unexpected twists and turns. Paired with an artistic music video set in the desert, this release is a glowing, emotional triumph for the singer and songwriter.

Director: @jackwaltermanpro

The song begins with muted vocals as the electronic beat builds to the verse. Govan’s voice is heavenly; she can switch between a hushed, conversational tone to a high, soaring riff without a moment’s notice. While the verses are sparse and leave plenty of room for Govan’s raw emotional performance, the chorus builds and launches into an unexpected soul breakdown with funky basslines and a chorus of vocal melodies. As the song continues to dip into the worlds of electronic pop and soul, the video portrays visions of Govan with the symbolic backdrop of the desert. With a smile behind the wheel of a classic VW Beetle she sings “I win, goodbye, you don’t know me anymore”. The video slowly shifts from night to day as the singer claims her independence from this past relationship. She transitions from moodily splashing in a clawfoot tub to proudly marching through the sand with a parasol while exciting bursts of color emerge signifying a bright new beginning.

While you may know Courtney Govan as “The Auditor” from Fox’s musical game show “I Can See Your Voice”, the Las Vegas-based singer and songwriter has been making her own way with her unique and soulful sound. “Feelings” is an incredible, creative track that, along with its music video, showcases Govan’s lyrical and musical talent and the potential for what is to come.

Written by Katrina Charles

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