Bimi’s single “Somebody” is a dance-worthy, confident track about finding “the one”. Driven by unique, percussive melodies, the tune showcases Bimi’s signature style that blends pop with African influences in a fusion that the artist calls “Afro-pop/Afro R&B”. The excellent production along with Bimi’s straight-forward lyrics and intoxicating vocals make this a tune you’ll want to have on repeat.

Beginning with a rhythmic intro that will have your feet moving, “Somebody” instantly hits your ears as something brand new. The instrumentation is understated and consistent as the verse starts, introducing Bimi’s smooth, emotive vocals with a supportive backdrop that allows them to flourish. The international influence is apparent in the melodies and the syncopation in which Bimi sings “I’ve been looking for that somebody, somebody”. The lyrics depict the narrative of looking for that one, epic love that will check all the boxes.


Born in Nigeria and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Bimi has found a way to meld the sounds of both cultures into a style all her own. With perfectly orchestrated production, honest and infectious lyrics, and Bimi’s incredible and emphatic voice, “Somebody” is a song you’ll be humming along to whether you’ve found your somebody or if you’re still “searching through the crowd”.

Written by Katrina Charles

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