Artist Interview: “Can’t Change Wanting You” by Rian Cult

Q: Your sound and production are super polished. What was your creative process in making “Can’t Change Wanting You”? –

RIAN: Unlike other songs that I produced, this one was done pretty fast, in a matter of a couple of days, just because both me and Perrin Xthona (the other writer) knew that we needed something really simple and modern.

Q: Did any real-life events occur in your life that inspired the song?

RIAN: I’d say 95% percent of what is in the song has been inspired by real life events. Me and Perrin got in a room and started chatting about life and stuff that has happened to both of us in the recent past and I think at some point I said something like: “If I ever break up with this person, it’s gonna suck, I could change everything about me but i’d still want her.” And Perrin was like: ok yeah, this is it, play some chords. And about an hour later we had the song. While producing it we did change some words and phrases here and there so they’d make more sense, but overall that’s how it came together.


Q: How has growing up in Romania affected your music?

RIAN: The biggest realization I had about music in Romania is when I moved to the States and heard something absolutely different. But actually what I was hearing were future trends that were eventually going to happen in Romania as well, but a bit later. In the US pretty much everyone is experimenting, they’re not following the current wave, at least those were the people I got a chance to work with and see how they like to go about making music. Growing up on Romanian pop and urban music has made me aware of the place I come from and how important it is to keep your roots no matter where you go and be proud of it.


Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician?

RIAN: To be honest I never really understood or realized when it happened, I just stuck with it cause I love it. It’s like waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth then making food, that’s how music is to me, It came naturally and I never questioned it, I took it as my own path in life when I realized that when I feel happy or down, I always turn to music to make myself well again.


Q: How has studying at Berklee College of Music made an impact on your music career?

RIAN: The people there have had the biggest impact on my artistry, both teachers and friends I made. It made me realize that there are so many people areound the world and we’re all connected because of this little thing we do and love. It showed me that there’s no wrong way of doing what you love as long as you do it with love and passion, even if it was school and we had to learn a ton of specific musical things, it never made me fall back from achieving my dream.


Q: Your vocals, melodies, and songwriting are exceptional! Who are your biggest influences?

RIAN: Thank you so so much! I always look up to my friends who are unbelievable writers and musicians such as Emilia Ali, LEV, Abram, Timms & Sophia Gripari and lowkey they’re the ones who unconsciously push me to do better. On the long run, I’ve been inspired by artists like LAUV, Bazzi, Julia Michaels, benny blanco, blackbear and Drake.

Q: What is coming up next for you?

RIAN: I’ve got enough songs to release 2 albums this year but I figured I might as well release a single a month and keep going like that until I build a fan base solid enough, then I can release albums. Next single comes out in early February and it’s a collaboration with my favorite Electronic producer, Kastelo!


Q: What would you like to tell your supporters out there?

RIAN: That whatever your passion is, don’t stop, keep going, even if it looks like nothing’s going the way you’d want it to right now, in the bigger picture you’re only going up.


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