“From the Ashes” by Tragically Magic

Drawing inspiration from classic 90’s hip hop, Tragically Magic melds nostalgic sounds with personal perspective in “From the Ashes”; an honest, optimistic track about rising again and again. Heavily based on real-life events, this song is a personal and poetic testament to the artist’s survival and determination.

The song begins with confident arpeggiated chords as the percussion slowly builds underneath. Suddenly, the verse comes in with a powerful punch. Tragically Magic’s voice is rich and conversational as he raps about overcoming the hardships he has faced and the importance of seeing the positive. Though the instrumentation remains constant, the intensity of the track builds as the artist delivers each prose-filled verse with the honest conviction of someone who has truly been through the fire and lived to tell the tale. The hook repeats “I stand today because I rose from the ashes”, a line that will deeply resonate with anyone who has overcome the unimaginable.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts-based Tragically Magic (whose own moniker stems from the nickname “Black Magic” that he received from friends referencing his penchant for survival) turned to music after a slew of unfortunate experiences including electrocution, severe burns, and a sports injury that completely changed his life’s path. With a unique, classic sound, well-crafted, honest lyrics, and a positive, passionate outlook, Tragically Magic will only continue to rise.

Written by Katrina Charles



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