Artist Interview: “Sally” by Lombardy

Q: We love this songʼs energy! We definitely can hear the Rage Against the Machine influence. Walk us through your writing and production process in making “Sally.” What other bands/ artists have influenced you?

MIKE (of Lombardy): “Sally” was the first song we ever wrote; it actually started this band. A few months ago, we were all driving back from dinner, listening to some Rage Against The Machine, which got us all saying: “Hey, we can make some stuff like this”. As soon as we got home, we went upstairs and started jamming. Within 30 minutes, we had the entire song written and finished. We all knew immediately that there was a creative magic and energy between us that we needed to pursue further, and within two weeks we had seven more songs written.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the music video for “Sally”?

MIKE (of Lombardy): “Sally” isnʼt too complex of song, itʼs really just a fun, high energy, balls-to-the- wall, rocker. So we wanted the video to portray exactly that. We shot it in our garage, as kind of a homage to this track starting the group and the whole DIY mentality weʼve had as a band from the beginning.


Q: Before forming Lombardy, all of you had your own solo careers/projects. What have you learned so far from collaborating with each other?

JONATHAN (of Lombardy): Yes indeed! Iʼve been doing the more solo Americana/Singer-Songwriter rock stuff of my own for a couple years. Mike has his Blues/Funk trio, Nick does indie Bedroom Pop tunes, and Ryan produces a ton especially in the Hip-Hop world. We were all raised on Rock music, so we have a lot of overlapping influences, but at the same time we all have tons of different worlds of music that we come from. So itʼs been so fun to fuse all of our tastes and styles together to craft something super unique. Iʼve played in a few bands before, and even with my solo stuff I have an original band for that, but this is the first real band Iʼve been apart of where everything is a group decision, we write everything together, we do everything together, and everyone works equally hard and brings a piece of something unique to the table. I think the biggest thing so far in our short time together as a band weʼve learned working with each other is communication and trying new things. When you are a solo artist, most of the time its your way 100% and you donʼt have other people pushing you or hearing other ideas or parts you might not hear yourself. Itʼs cool having the four of us because whenever we are writing or rehearsing or recording, we are always hearing and recommending new ideas wether that is hooks, lyrics, arrangements, transitions, etc. Whenever someone has an idea, even if it doesnʼt stay, we always try it out, which is really cool.


Q: Your band is based in Nashville but you decided to go to Destin, FL to record your debut album. What drew you to Florida to record?

RYAN (of Lombardy): We all loved being able to play in the same room and get live takes, so finding a spot that had the space for us to do that was the main focus. We also knew that we wanted to go outside of Nashville for the actual cutting process and it just so happened that Florida was that spot! Nick and I are from the Destin area, so it’s home and Nick’s parents let us cut the whole first record in their living room. This whole project came together so fast and has been super go with the flow. So we wanted a spot that felt very open and freeing and go with the flow as well. There is something super special about recording at the beach. It brings out a relaxed, free spirit vibe into the sessions that you can absolutely hear when you listen to the record.

Q: We see that you recently played your debut show at Live Oak Music Row Nashville. What was that experience like?

JONATHAN (of Lombardy): The show was so fun. That was our first time ever playing together, and for a couple of us in the band, our first time playing in almost a year since COVID hit. We rehearsed a ton so we appeared as if weʼve been playing together as a band for years. We wore matching suits, played an hour of high energy originals, and had the time of our lives. The venue was at COVID capacity and it was cool seeing a line down the street. Live Oak and the promoter, Affinity, did a fantastic job putting on a fun and safe show for everyone. You can tell people are craving and begging for live music to make a full return. You can tell people want to stand and dance and jump around again. Even though it was a seated event, it was very special and we couldnʼt of asked for a more fun and rewarding debut show as a band!


Q: What are some goals you hope to accomplish as a band in 2021?

NICK (of Lombardy): In 2021 we will be releasing our debut AND sophomore LPs ;). This year we truly just want to be a machine when it comes to releasing music, video content, and playing shows. Our live show truly is something special, thatʼs where the four of us really get to unleash everything we work so hard for. We want to spend 2021 truly letting people know who “Lombardy” is. We would love to continue growing our streaming numbers and get on the bill for some great festivals both nationally and locally here in Nashville.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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