Artist Interview: “Young Queen” by Mimoza

Q: “Young Queen” is a personal and empowering anthem that encourages women and young girls to see themselves as young queens and to know their worthwhile also being a love letter to your home country, Kosovo. Walk us through your writing and production process in making this track.

MIMOZA: Yes, I wanted to write an honest record that reminded me to never drop my crown. I always dig deep. I can only write about things that are honest to me. So I honored my truth and wrote about my story, and what I believed made me who I am today. It’s my roots and my mother raising me with incredible values. I’m strong and confident because of her. And this record became my love letter to my roots, my mother & myself. I’m very proud of it.

Q: The music video for “Young Queen” is visually stunning. We love the opening scene where you see three different generations of Albanian women. What advice would you give the next generation of girls?

MIMOZA: Thank you so much. I purposely wanted to start the video with this scene. It was important that the first sec of the video sets the tone. And I wanted to show the beauty in our mother daughter bonds, the beauty of our traditional clothes and the beauty of Kosovo. It’s very powerful.


Q: Since your song is a tribute to mothers raising their daughters to see themselves as young queens, how did your mother react to hearing “Young Queen” and watching the music video for the first time?

MIMOZA: She doesn’t speak English so I translated the lyrics to her in Albanian. And she loved them. And when she first watched the video, she was so proud and said it was excellent. I care so much about making my parents proud. And having her love a song that forever honors her truly fulfills my heart so much. 


Q: You talk about the importance of self-love and loving the body that you’re in unconditionally and unapologetically. What does it mean to you to be a role model for empowerment and positivity? How do you spread that message to your fans?

MIMOZA: I’ve always said that and I’ll say it again. Our bodies are the only place that we’ll forever call our homes. We can either love or hate them I choose to love my body unconditionally & unapologetically. I love my curves and I will present my body however I want & whenever I want. I live to please myself, not anyone else. 

Q: You were born in Kosovo but were raised in Sweden and spent your teen years living in Germany. How has being exposed to different cultures growing up shaped you into the artist you are today?

MIMOZA: Yes, it absolutely has. Every culture has taught me so much and enriched my life in the best ways possible. I’ve taken my fav things from each culture: I try not to complain as much, that’s the Albanian in me. I’m very punctual, that’s the German in me. I try to enjoy the little things & moments in life, that’s the Swedish in me. I believe there’s so much beauty in every culture so I welcome every culture with open arms. 


Q: Is “Young Queen” an indicator of the musical or thematic direction we can expect from a future project?

MIMOZA: No, each song is different. But what stays the same is my heart & my truth is in every record I do. I pour in all of me & my goal is for the world to hear that with every song. I want my songs to be heard, respected & appreciated. And soon when anyone plays my music I want people to go “Oh, that’s Mimoza” within the first 5 seconds. I care about being in my own lane, that I’m already so proud of. I’m proud of my sound & my truth in my music. 

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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