Artist Interview: “Drive” by Aaron Title

Q: “Drive” is the perfect atmospheric alt-pop track to blast while driving through the city late at night. What was your creative process in making this song?

AARON: While writing I was imaging myself taking a night drive to the club. I was listening to a lot of clubby-dance tracks at the time, and needed to create a song that felt how those KAYTRANADA-esque songs made me feel. I totally envisioned a song to play in the car, and I felt that writing about driving away and escapism would fit that style well. I was dancing pretty much the whole time while writing and hopefully, when you listen, you will too!

Q: What would a dream music video for “Drive” look like?

AARON: I imagine the video to follow a group of teens driving out into the middle of nowhere to a secret midnight dance club. Blue and purple hues would fill the scene as we follow the group drive across winding mountain roads. Dynamic shots of the open road, a desert at night, a sunset sky, all filled with dark but saturated colors would fill the video, which could add a moody vibe. The video should showcase the feeling of the song, escapism and disappearing to somewhere that you’ve never been before.


Q: Last year, you released your debut EP called “Haze”. What was the experience like? Did you face any challenges along the way and if so, how did you overcome them?

AARON: My first EP was so fun to make. I had always wanted to release a collection of songs and last year had put me in a position where I found myself with a lot of time to just work on these songs. I definitely felt like I either had rushed some songs or waited too long to release others. I wanted to put out a body of work so badly, that I pushed myself to solely focus on that project. I definitely felt creatively blocked at times while coming up with new material but I always let myself have fun with it, and not judge myself so harshly, which allowed me to create a lot more freely. It’s so cool to have an EP out though, and I’m so glad I was able for the first time to fully have control on the production and overall sound of my songs. I feel that this EP is an honest reflection of my sound and I’m so excited to release more music.


Q: What’s your favorite song on Haze and why?

AARON: My favorite track definitely changes all the time. Currently, I’d say my favorite is ‘Thinking of Me’. It was the first one I had made in early 2020 for a class project. ‘Thinking of Me’ was the first time I was able to make a track sound like something I knew I wanted to make. It was one of the first songs I produced entirely on my own so it definitely has a special place in my heart. I felt like I was honest in the songwriting and conveyed my emotions strongly. It’s one of my more experimental tracks and it always reminds me to not be so serious and meticulous while creating.

Q: After listening to songs like “Drive” and “Lost + Found”, we can see that you have a knack for not only songwriting but producing. What first got you into music? Is there a particular producer who influences you?

AARON: I’ve been into music my whole life. My parents are both very musical and I started writing songs in high school. When I started producing I really wasn’t sure of myself. I would copy very easy lo-fi/bedroom-pop production. I’m definitely inspired by the more lowkey types of production such as SG Lewis but I’m also heavily influenced by producers like KAYTRANADA and Blood Orange.


Q: Do you have any projects that are currently in the works?

AARON: I’m always working on something! I don’t have any current future release dates for my next songs but definitely sometime later this year. I love sharing my music and hope to continue to be able to do so.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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