“If It’s Over” by Robert Vendetta

Some may argue that the worst place to be other than in a bad relationship, is in the purgatory before it’s over. This is where listeners find themselves with the mesmerizing ways of “If It’s Over” from Robert Vendetta.

Nicknamed the “Norwegian mariachi” for his love of Mexico and the traditional ensembles worn by the singing troupes, Robert Vendetta also embraces the heart often heard when mariachi bands belt out their ballads. Armed with a piano, Vendetta creates a universal space many can relate to right off the bat. That anxiety, fear, and unsure feeling of what to do with oneself when the person they are with isn’t being straight with them. It is all presented bluntly across three minutes in song, but as well as in the video.

Out in late March, the video for “If It’s Over” seems to take viewers into the mental state of someone in this situation. A flickering light post shines on Vendetta as he appears anguished by the decision of another, and while he tries with all his might to remain positive via dancing about – the reality of what may or may not come sends him spiraling once more. All the while, the music never gives panic but more so remains somber and honest throughout.

Robert Vendetta notes his approach to “It’s Not Over” saying, “Sometimes less is more, especially when you make a song about a void in the heart created by many unanswered questions.”

With his heart on his fashionable sleeve, it’s no surprise that Robert Vendetta has already been heard on the airwaves on four continents, and with a song like “It’s Not Over,” he will surely add the others.

Written by: Kendra Beltran

Photo Credit: Marius Martinsen

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