Artist Interview: “Mournings” by Sunny

Q: Why is the EP titled, “Mournings”?

SUNNY: “Mournings” embraces the loss of a past life attitude. Stepping out of fear, anxiety and self-doubt to knowing courage and embracing the unknown.

Q: In what ways did the EP affect your life?

SUNNY: “Mournings” is a whole EP reflecting on self. It was me speaking to me, breaking old habits, building myself up, and encouraging the smaller version of myself to walk into the desires of my heart. Some tracks I re-live my pain, some tracks I imagine myself as the giant I’ve always wanted to be.


Q: The tracks on “Mournings” mean a lot to you and are personal. Tell me what it was like to release something so personal to the public. How did you feel? Were you hesitant or positive you wanted the public to catch a glimpse into your personal life?

SUNNY: “Mournings” is the first project I’ve ever released. It felt like shedding heavy skin I’d been holding dear to for years. Dealing with crippling fear, I feel as if it was the first necessary step in embracing myself as a growing artist and a stepping stone to consistent improvement throughout my musical journey.


Q: What song on the EP is your favorite and why?

SUNNY: The songs I’m most content with on the EP have to be “Run” or “Apollo.” I felt the most confident recording those songs and felt I captured a glimpse of the energy I want to keep bringing as an artist.

Q: If you were given the opportunity to collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

SUNNY: Not a single clue, there are so many amazing minds in the industry that I admire. If I got the opportunity, I’d simply be a sponge for their knowledge. However, it would be interesting to see how my art would manifest differently amongst others and what energy we could create.


Q: What does life look like for you outside of music?

SUNNY: Life outside of music looks the same as it does for many 20-somethings. Confused, chaotic, caught up in the daily malaise, trying to live in gratitude and fulfill our lives purposes.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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