Artist Interview: “Shine Like Gold” by Love Ghost

Q: “Shine Like Gold” kind of gets me in my feelings a bit. No joke, it got my heart swelling a bit. Plus, it’s catchy! What’s the story behind the song? And when I say story, I mean the purpose and process of “Shine Like Gold.”

LOVE GHOST: I’m glad that you like the song. “Shine Like Gold” is really about celebrating someone’s uniqueness and it’s also intertwined with some bittersweet feelings/introspections of mine. The process of making this song was really genuine and fast. It came together very quick, like within a few days, and I remember being super excited about the song. I’m really happy that it now exists and has it’s place in the universe.

Q: According to Finnegan, the song celebrates uniqueness and how we all have a part of us that shines like gold, yet the song has more of a romance connotation to it. Why is that?

LOVE GHOST: I think it’s because that’s what I find to be “romantic,” when someone doesn’t judge me and celebrates my uniqueness. I guess highlighting someone’s individuality is my love language. But yeah, they just felt intertwined to me, celebrating someone’s quirks, accepting them, and love.


Q: When and how did the band meet? What’s the relationship like?

LOVE GHOST: The band has been around for a while in different versions. But this line-up has been around since early 202. The relationship is strong, everyone has their role and executes it efficiently.


Q: I see you guys toured, have been featured on official playlists and generate millions of streams and views on various platforms. Tell me what that feels like.

LOVE GHOST: It feels good, but it feels very unfinished. I have a lot of work left to do.

Q: What inspire you all to pursue music?

LOVE GHOST: I think it’s just a calling. Everyone is creative and we all just happened to choose music to be our outlet.


Q: What’s a personal advantage and disadvantage to being in the music industry?

LOVE GHOST: That’s hard to say. An advantage is that I get to do what I love and a disadvantage is that COVID hurt a lot of us financially, but the whole world is on the same boat in that regard.


Q: You guys are rising artists but I can tell that you guys are going nowhere but up because of how incredibly talented you guys are. So, what do you have to say to those who are just starting out from rock bottom?

LOVE GHOST: Wow, thank you. That’s very nice of you. And my advice if you’re just starting is do something, do anything. Don’t be afraid of failure. So much great art comes from mistakes.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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