Artist Interview: “Traitor” by PsoGnar

Q: This song is PERFECTION! And I think a lot of people can resonate with it. What was going on through your mind as you were creating this song?

PSOGNAR: I had been listening to a lot of rock, mainly post hardcore music in different time signatures. I started playing piano one day while humming and came up with the chorus melody over some chords and I was like “Wow, this might be the most beautiful melody I’ve ever come up with.” Only to realize later that it was in 3/4 timing which is pretty uncommon in dubstep/bass music, but I decided to do it anyway. The “traitor” concept was originally a separate idea that came later, then I realized the two ideas could work together, then added my signature laser drops with melodic breaks and bam! Really stoked how it came out. 

Q: What inspired you to give “Traitor” a cinematic and dramatic sound?

PSOGNAR: A lot of my favorite vocalists are pretty dramatic in their performance, such as Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance or Anthony Green from Circa Survive. I’m inspired by guys like that which has helped shaped my own vocal style, granted my vocal range is a bit lower but I make it work. As far as production, I really feel like I’ve pinned down my original sound over the last couple years and cinematic is definitely a part of it. All my tracks are different scenes of an overarching story that will be revealed when I release my debut album, hopefully later in 2021.


Q: You’re born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. How has the city affected your music?

PSOGNAR: The weather down here definitely makes it harder to stay inside some days, but living on the beach really helps me unwind when I want to take a break from the studio. I think it’s important to keep a healthy balance so you don’t burn out. There’s definitely a lot of energy in South Florida and I channel some of it into my music.


Q: Why is your music important to you?

PSOGNAR: I basically jumped out the womb playing tunes. But I’ve been a practicing as a musician for over 20 years now. Glad to share my musical ideas with all my current listeners and always hoping to reach new ears. P.S., my “PsoGnar Tracks” Spotify playlist has all my tracks in one place for anyone who wants more tunes.

Q: What is your favorite thing about “Traitor”?

PSOGNAR: The fact that no one else probably has an epic vocal melodic/hard dubstep track in 3/4 timing at 160 bpm. Also the fact that there’s an epic laser show music video / virtual performance video, definitely check that out.


Q: The album cover kind of has a medieval feel to it and I honestly think “Traitor” would be perfect for a medieval movie or TV show soundtrack. But why did you choose that look for the album cover?

PSOGNAR: I wear something similar to the outfit in the cover art when I perform, like in the Traitor virtual performance. My story takes place in a fictional, fantasy realm sort of like a combination of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings etc. so all of my cover art represents a still-frame from the PsoGnar story. “Traitor” is about someone who you thought was on your side for a long time, but turns out they were your undercover enemy from the start.


Q: What are you working on now?

PSOGNAR: I’ve had the idea to do a vampire-themed track in the PsoGnar-verse for many years. Now, I’ve finally finished writing the lyrics and most of the music, so, I’m currently setting up my vocal session. I’ll be performing the vocals soon and hopefully be releasing it towards the end of June 2021, so keep an eye out!

Download the track here

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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