Artist Interview: “Bleeding” by LWFLD

Q: “Bleeding” is such a catchy song. But there’s a lot more to this track. Can you tell us the story behind “Bleeding?”

LWFLD: “Bleeding” is a song about the issue of domestic violence. I put myself in the situation of the abused woman and try to tell the story from her perspective. At the beginning, she faces death at the hands of her angry husband, but in the course of the song, she finds her strength again and realizes that she does not want to die because, “losing is not an option”.

Q: I am impressed by how you juxtaposed serious lyrical content with a song that makes me want to dance. I am interested to know your thought process behind this artistic decision.

LWFLD: We always liked the idea of having serious or deep lyrics but a song that is joyful, like twentyonepilots for example, which have very serious and sometimes dark lyrics but very powerful and danceable songs. For me it is very difficult to write a happy song with a happy lyric, but we still want to make music that brings happiness to the people. Accordingly, I tried to combine a serious theme with a positive, hopeful message, but also write a very fast and groovy song.


Q: Is there a specific message you hope your audience gets from

LWFLD: Like the abused woman in the lyrics, I want people to realize that there is always hope for a better life and that you need to believe in yourself and your own strength. This sounds very pathetic but I mean it. I think it is very important to never lose hope and to to be in solidarity because that is the foundation of change. Also, the song tries to raise awareness about the important issue of domestic violence and violence against woman in general. I think because of corona this problem, it is more important than ever.


Q: LWFLD is known for exciting live shows. Does anyone in the band have a favorite performance?

LWFLD: I think my favorite performance was our last show before Corona in January 2020 in Kassel with singer / songwriter MaFleur (you should definitely check out his music as well). It was our first sold out club gig and it was a great feeling to see the crowd even singing along to our verses. We ended up having to play our song “Olivia” a second time because we didn’t have any other songs to play. It was supposed to be the first concert of a wonderful year with many gigs and festivals, but then Corona came to Germany and we have been waiting to enter the stage again ever since.

Q: You have an upcoming EP. Can you tell our audience more about your next endeavor?

LWFLD: Of course. During the course of the last year we wrote some songs and tried to create a fresh and new sound which is more rocky than before. Our next single, “Fight Back” will be released in June and after that we will release the other 4 songs of the EP as singles. At the end of the year, we want to publish the whole EP. Besides that, we are getting our live band together and try to work on a new live show to be prepared when concerts are possible again.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott

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