Artist Interview: “Have Faith” by Karina Magallon

Q: Your healing from from anxiety and depression sparked the birth of your song “Have Faith.” How were you able to find the lyrics.

KARINA MAGALLON: I wrote this short after New Years at the start of 2020 when I was reflecting back on my year. The year I overcame my anxiety and depression. I found the lyrics for the song freely without any judgments of my songwriting. I simply just wanted to write about reflecting on it in song and how proud and happy I was. This song was not intended to be released but I played it at Opry Mills in Nashville and it was the song that people connected to the most. After that, I decided to work to release it because the message of the song is so powerful and I thought my story could help a lot of people feel less alone. I also wanted to help end the stigma of mental health so more people seek the help they need.

Q: How did you feel releasing a song that is personal? Were you hesitant?

KARINA MAGALLON: It was hard for me to express to people what I was going through when it was happening. It was very painful for me, so only a few people knew what I was going through. However, as the healing progressed, it was becoming easier and easier to speak about it. I normally wouldn’t speak about it, but I realized that anxiety and depression is way more common than we think. If my story can help at least one person, then it was worth it. I don’t view what I went through as negative because it helped me become stronger and happier than I was before it started. I was hesitant at first but knew I was finally ready to tell my story and that it could help so many. When the song was released, many people opened up about their own struggles and they said they connecting with the song as well.


Q: How has the journey been from writing the song to now? What has changed or remained the same?

KARINA MAGALLON: It is still very true to how I originally wrote it. Later in 2020, I wrote the string section, bass, and the percussion section. It came to me all in one night. I ended up writing each part until morning late that night. It was incredible and I was so proud of it. When it went to production, some of the strong you hear are real strings played by the talented Morgan Bland and the person playing the piano is actually me. Martin Chiesl helped me produce the song as well and he is such a talented producer and mixer. 


Q: I see you have a coloring book. What is inside of it and what inspired that idea?

KARINA MAGALLON: I wanted to create a piece of merch people could interact with during the pandemic. Since my song talks about mental health, I thought of creating a coloring book paired around a Coloring Book Event as a way to connect and have a fun time in a time where it was difficult to see loved ones in person. If you bought the book, you would get a free ticket to an online concert where you would color while I play my original music. People told me they really enjoyed listening to live music and coloring with others virtually! Inside the coloring book, you’ll see hand drawn drawings by the artist and songwriter, Mackenna Swann. Each lyric has a drawing next to it. When a song is released, it’s not only mine but whoever connects to it. People are free to color in the book as they would like.

Q: What is your favorite thing about pursuing music?

KARINA MAGALLON: I love how my art can inspire so many people and I love creating it. There are so many factors that come into play and you get to collaborate with so many other talented creatives. It’s very enjoyable for me!


Q: What does your life look like outside of music?

KARINA MAGALLON: I like to travel, hang out with my family and friends, swim, roller skate, and dance!


Q: What do you want to say to those out there listening to your music?

KARINA MAGALLON: To fully experience the song, listen to it from start to finish. I hope this song inspires you the way it did for me.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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