“I wanna do it by I wanna do it right” by TYO

TYO’s EP I Wanna Do It But I Wanna Do It Right is a complex tapestry of genres and autobiographical content that draws heavy inspiration from soul, R&B, and hip hop influences. A surprise at every turn, this EP showcases TYO’s creativity, versatile voice, and ability to cohesively combine ideas into a sound all his own.

 The EP begins with “Diversity AM”, a track that blends smooth vocals and spoken words over a soulful melody complete with dreamy jazz instrumentation. Suddenly, the song shifts into a hip-hop style and primes you for the surprises you can expect from the rest of the EP. “Blind” begins with trippy electric guitar before sliding into an engaging soundscape of bass notes and guitar rhythms. A break in the song allows for the lyrics to shine before dropping back into the lowkey rhythmic style. “Rick (Time Machine)” is an ambient, soulful track that flows effortlessly and thoughtfully. The guitar melodies and confident beats will have you swaying as he sings “you know I tend to be always overthinking, my demons in my head are going away”. 

   “SIN” is syncopated track marked by catchy lyrical delivery and light, rhythmic guitar. Melodies amplify the chorus before artfully fading. “Too Strong For Too Long” is a raw, honest track that is a mix between a journal entry and a freestyle poetry slam. The production perfectly highlights the lyrics and creates an incredible and unique experience for the listener. “Understanding (Rest Easy Mac)” is the final song of the EP, a slightly more upbeat track with light instrumentation and emotive vocals that showcase TYO’s soulful voice before ending with a hip-hop outro.

 I Wanna Do It But I Wanna Do It Right is a triumphant release. TYO’s inclusive musical style seems to draw from his uniquely diverse upbringing. With Japanese and Korean roots, TYO grew up in both the US and Germany and speaks fluent Japanese, Korean, German, and English. In addition to his multicultural upbringing, he is also a multi-instrumentalist playing the piano, bass, guitar, and drums. With this EP, TYO expertly weaves various elements of his identity and talents into a new, surprising musical experience that will delight and engage any listener that should be lucky enough to hear it. 

Written by Katrina Charles



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