Artist Interview: “Beyond My Control” by Fonzy and Company

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

Fonz & Co: We aren’t – as a review once stated ‘reinventing the wheel’ with what we write. However we feel that artists are trying to move away from writing that once and still in our opinion the greatest music of all time, and we feel that’s getting lost for the worst. We bend the genres to reflect our favorite artists and not mimic, but represent honest heartfelt songwriting with no bullshit, thrills or trend attachments.

Q: Was there anything beyond your control in life that inspired Beyond My Control?

Fonz & Co: There are references of sobriety and mediation and general helpless situations Fonzy has found himself in. The song talks of knowing your roots and understanding where you fit in society despite it’s constant changes. It’s maintaining moral values while at the same time understanding what helps a good cause and what doesn’t. There is no direct meaning behind Beyond My Control. All of the tracks lyrically have a vague poetry that we like people to make their own interpretation and adapt it to their own lives.


Q: How is the punk/rock music scene in Bristol, UK?

Fonz & Co: It’s buzzing. Every second person around here is In a band. Bristol is a very accepting and open field. None of us our actually from there, it’s just the breeding ground where it’s taken off and seeing / playing shows over the years in the city is passion at it’s most optimum, and has brewed us as a group.

Q: How did your band initially come together?

Fonz & Co: Fonzy, Olivia (Vocals) and Sam Bennett (drums) have known each other about seven years now. We were always playing in other bands, but the stars seemed to align in 2019 when Fonzy kicked off Fonzy and Company. We have had members come and go for various reasons, but since Jed Long (Bass) came on board, we have been this tight unit since. Now we have brought in Lauren Paddison (Lead Guitar, Keys) the live sound is just huge. We are a combination of London, Wales, Scotland, New Zealand and Yeovil so we are geographically quite spread.


Q: What projects are currently in the works?

Fonz & Co: We have joined up with Bespoke Media who are now managing us as well as Forge Amp. We were only a little under a year together before the pandemic hit and had big festival and touring plans. Now we want to pick up where we left off and get touring.

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick

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