Artist Interview: “Winter One” by Frank Rabeyrolles

Q: I noticed you released one EP each season of the calendar year. Aside from the season, what was the inspiration behind Winter #1?

Frank: You’re right I did an album called  « 4 seasons » which is result of 4 EPS for each season. With « Winter » I’ve also been inspired by childhood memories trying to create a mosaic combining electronic and acoustic instruments. I often explore memories territories subconscious effects…

Q: Winter #1 is slow-burning bit of dream pop and shoegaze centered around soft guitars, mournful vocals and a killer hook. Who has inspired your style?

Frank: Honestly I listen to a lot of different styles of music today. I listened to a lot of shoegaze in the past bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Pavement, Diiv … But this last months I’m more into psychedelic pop, obscure 60’s bands, folk songwriters and also into ambient music at the moment like Alessandro Cortini and Ana Roxanne for example.

Q: How did your band members initially come together?

Frank: I usually compose, produce and play my music alone. With Winter, all the members are friends and they all play in different bands. We’re not a classic band but more friends trying to arrange my music collectively.

Q: Who would you most like to do a project with, if it could be anyone in the world?

Frank: I love Robert Wyatt’s music from the seventies. I also listen to a lot of the Roughtrade albums from the eighties, mixing bedroom pop with jazz influences. I’m also a fan of Big Star so maybe a featuring of Alex Chilton playing guitars and singing could have sound like a dream….

Q: I know our readers will love the Winter EP. What can we expect next from you?

Frank: I have a new album coming in Sept, it’s an electronic album called A Ghost by the Sea. It’s instrumental and somewhere between ambient, post rock and experimental. I love patterns with no drums, moody and washed out guitars, pianos and analog synth lost in strange echoes.

Q: Any parting words for your fans?

Frank: There are lots of different doors to discover my music. Winter is the Indie Rock side but I also have some more acoustic minimalistic records, some more Experimental Records, hope some people will be interested by this kind of « smooth » schizophrenia

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick

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