Artist Interview: “The Fairytale Starlight” EP by Geekd

Q: I like how dreamy and hypnotic yet groovy and vibrant a lot of your songs on the EP are. Tell me about the creation process and how you infused your songs with different styles and sounds.

GEEKD: I really appreciate that! My process always starts with me writing songs in my bedroom and turning them into very basic scratch tracks in Ableton. Since I record everything myself, I typically need some time with the tracks to figure out orchestrations in my head and so I like to go for walks and daydream what it could end up being! Once i’m in the studio, I track drums and bass first, and then record rhythm tracks. After that, I have a whole lot of time to mess with pedals and effects and be adventurous. The good thing about these songs is that they are simple which gives me a lot of room to make fun textures. I steal lots of fun ideas from bands I admire.

Q: What impact does the EP have on you?

GEEKD: Creating and releasing this EP had a tremendous emotional impact on me. I began my life as a drummer but I always had more to say as an artist. I got a lot of personal traumas and baggage out on this record and so going through the process and being able to hear it all done was and is incredibly therapeutic. It pushed me to believe in myself.


Q: How does the EP cover art relate to the EP title, “The Fairytale Starlight”?

GEEKD: I LOVE this question and I think you will LOVE the answer. The cover art is a picture of art work my big sister made when she was in 3rd grade. I found it lying in a stack of papers in my childhood home and thought it was really beautiful. Her drawing reminded me of the beauty that humans are capable of, especially at that age because there are few emotional barriers holding a child back when they make something. It relates a lot to my EP because TFSL is truly a correspondence with my inner child, with whom I felt disconnected from for a large part of my adult life. Being able to collaborate with my sister through time was an absolute magical experience for me.


Q: What was the best part about working on this EP?

GEEKD: Looking back it was all pretty rad, but I think playing with all the pedals was my favorite part! Most of the record is done and the pressure is basically gone.

Q: What is your favorite song from the EP and why?

GEEKD: I think I enjoy “Hikikomori” the most! The subject matter is pretty dark but it sounds fun, which I think is a pretty good achievement as a songwriter.


Q: What does your life look like outside of music?

GEEKD:  I don’t think I have a life outside music! [Laughter] I play drums and teach for a living and if I’m not writing I paint sometimes, which to me is very similar to my songwriting process.


Q: What do you want your fans to know about you?

GEEKD: I would like them to know that I don’t take things very seriously and I don’t think they should either! Break the rules, live for yourself and take others opinions with a grain of salt because nobody knows the fuck is going on anyway.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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