“Le Calme Gouffre De La Désolation” by Le Grand Salon

Typically the sounds musicians pull from nature hail from the woods or the water, but Le Grand Salon thought outside of the box when it came to the outside world. Freezing temperatures, frozen landscapes, the snow-covered atmosphere found in northern Québec. Not only does his latest, take inspiration from the French-speaking province but within the confines of “Le Calme Gouffre De La Désolation” is a tale that allows the mind to wander.

While Le Grand Salon finds inspiration from Quebec, there are moments within “Le Calme Gouffre De La Désolation” that sound as if they pull from the Eastern World. The moments that lend themselves to air a sense of serenity throughout the track. They play heavily at the start, but as noted – this is a tale and no tale is complete without a plot. A little over several minutes long, “Le Calme Gouffre De La Désolation” takes you from a place of calm and then drops a dark cloud overhead with a dose of drama. The light and dark play off one another but one cannot escape the somber way the natural elements come into play here and there. 

Cinematic in many ways, “Le Calme Gouffre De La Désolation” sounds like a song one would hear during the part in a movie where lines are far from needed, and the emotion is displayed on the actors’ faces and pushed home thanks to the musical score that encompasses them. A track such as this would play beautifully on the big screen just as much as it would in a show like the hit HBO series, ‘Westworld.’ 

Le Grand Salon comes from the musical maestro Pier-Luc Boivin. What began in 2015 as an exploration of sound has culminated in finding the beautiful balance of electronic, ambient, and emotion. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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