“Mañana” by Macarena

Very few things are universal. Of course, the idea of love, a warm smile, and none other than music. Artists like the late Selena, and the current reigning boy band BTS have proven the latter alongside many other artists time and time again, and now Macarena will do the same with the sweet Spanish sounds of “Mañana.” 

With her previous singles in English, Macarena steps into a new arena with “Mañana,” and with Dutch artist CRZE by her side, Macarena has put herself in a great position with this dynamic single. The beat is undeniable and musically, it fits in nicely with what one can hear Doja Cat and SZA doing on the US charts. Only Macarena has an edge to her in that “Mañana” is truly unlike those in that she flexes her lyricism in Spanish as she tells the tale of the highs and lows of an LGBTQ couple as they experience both love and the downside that jealousy can bring. 

Macarena realized her love of music thanks to the time spent with her dad and his Jazz record collection. That led her to pen poetry that would eventually find its way to being the songs we hear today. In time she has made a name for herself with her music being featured on numerous playlists across Spotify including New Music Friday Latin, Are & Be Latin, and Fresh Finds. With an alternative take on the R&B genre, Macarena has made waves with songs like “1-800-Delete” and “Slow Down,” and in 2021 has shown no sign of slowing down with “Mañana” and her latest, “Have Mercy.” 

You can find all of Macarena’s music on all major music and streaming platforms now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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