Artist Interview: “Woe Is Me” by Elektric Animals

Q: Love the sound and the vibe of Elektric Animals, in your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

ELEKTRIC ANIMALS: Thank you! I think if we had a choice we would describe our music as Blues, Garage Rock, Alternative, Pop. People tend to have a wide variety of genres they place us under.

Q: What is ‘Woe Is Me” about? Is it a song about pity or is it the opposite?

EA: I would say so… a song about purpose and self pity but in a light hearted way. Almost making fun of myself and my so called “problems” while seeking to find the meaning of life.

Q: You guys came to the scene in 2018, how had Covid impacted your growth?

EA: Having to halt all live shows was a bit of a struggle for us. Without them we started to feel like we weren’t making much progress. Once we sat down and hashed out goals and a game plan and just put live shows on the back burner, we actually started to really find our sound and wrote more songs then we ever have.

Q: There are five of you in the band, how many of y’all contribute to the song writing?

EA: Oscar (Guitar) and myself (Nick, Vocals) are the main songwriters. He will come to me with an idea and I will add melodies and lyrics. We then will show the rest of the guys and they will help us rearrange the layout and help take the song to the next level with production and ideas.

Q: Who is Elektric Animals inspired by?

EA: This is why describing our music is such a challenge haha. We all come from very different musical backgrounds. I am heavily inspired by 80s Pop and 90s Rock while Oscar has roots in Punk and Blues. Jerrid our bassist grew up on 2000s Rock and Nu Metal. Will our keyboardist can talk for hours on why Hall and Oates are the greatest songwriters of all time. Then there is our Drummer Eric who is the king of synths, New Wave, and Industrial.

Q: How did the five of you initially come together?

EA: We’ve all been in the Denver music scene the past 10+ years and have bumped shoulders and played in projects together before. We started as a three piece for a couple years and went through about 6 drummers before sealing Eric and our keyboardist Will. Fingers crossed this is the final line up!

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick





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