“Cafecito” by Karina Magallon

If falling in love is the best feeling in the world, then the first sip of coffee in the morning has to be a close second. Karina Magallon perfectly encapsulates the feeling of both in her original single, “Cafecito” (Coffee Love).

“Cafecito” is a much-needed song of renewal, awakening, and carefree optimism written in a time when those things are often too hard to find. Paying homage to her upbringing in a Panamanian American household, the Houston native transitions seamlessly between Spanish and English, drawing parallels between a much-needed cup of coffee, a blooming spring, and the sweet embrace of a lover. Whether you need a good way to start your morning or a remedy for exhaustion at the end of a long day, this tune is sure to make you feel good.

Written remotely alongside Boston songwriter Thomas Ng, the Latin R&B song combines the quintessential strumming of a nylon-string acoustic guitar with Magallon’s effervescent singing, a treat for the ears that will revive a tired mind as much as any amount of caffeine ever could. With flawless intonation, stunning vocal control, and a richly warm voice, Magallon intertwines smooth harmonies with loving melodies that you cannot help but hum along to. Her song offers the sweetness of a mocha, the frothy lightness of a cappuccino, and the punch of a double shot of espresso.

“Cafecito” has earned Magallon critical acclaim as a finalist for the 2021 Grammy U Songwriting Showcase. The single is available on all major music streaming platforms, and its recently released music video is now available on YouTube.

Written by Jacob Jahiel




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