Artist Interview: “Assault” by Morning Trips

Q: What about your music is rebellious, unconventional or unusual?

MORNINGTRIPS: I think we like to make music that sounds like melodic explosions that fit no particular genre. We embrace making music that sounds influenced of songs we loved when we were 13 and just figuring out our music taste – just as much as we love creating music that’s influenced by the stuff we found in our 20’s . That raw naivety you have when you’re very young and consuming music, it goes away the more you learn about the craft and really embracing those raw and earnest feelings like we were teenagers again, we try to channel in the music.

Q: I watched the music video for Assault, which I loved by they way. It has me curious, what is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

MT: Thank you! I’m glad you liked it, we were afraid that people weren’t going to understand it. Especially in our more uh..right-wing leaning hometown. The most trouble I’ve been into hmm that is interesting. I’m guessing you mean in the context of the scenario’s laid out in Assault – Morning Trips always tries to express topics of our upbringing and observations. I try to be honest in the stories I tell. I don’t like some of the laws in America, the one’s that don’t inherently harm anyone except the person getting the ticket or jail sentence. I’ve been in deep trouble with girlfriends and that might be the worst trouble.

Q: What is the hidden meaning in Assault?

MT: I don’t think we intentionally tried to put any subliminal messages in the video or song, I think we tried to cut straight to the point with the visuals. It’s crazy how poor America’s infrastructure is, for how rich of a country we are. Establishment Democrats and Republicans have both failed massively over the years. Their actions are way more violent and harmful than anything I could ever bring myself to do.

Q: What brought you all together as a band?

MT: The band started out of a garage by me and over the last few years we settled into the lineup we have today. I’ve known Logan (Bassist/Keys) in High School and always knew each other through the local music scene. Amos and I met through mutual musician friends, and Noah I found like all great things…on the internet. We connected instantly.

Q: There are a some nice vibes within this song, who are your influences?

MT: We appreciate that! For this particular song we were influenced a lot by a lot of 90’s Grunge and 00’s Pop Punk, really channeling the music of our teenage years. Artists like Sonic Youth or The Hives. Sonically, we are big fans of artists like Grimes and 100 Gecs, who are some of the best electronic influenced musicians in the art and combining our love for all three genres while channeling a Punk Influenced Spirit in the Vocals was the goal.

Q:  Assault recently came out, what is next for Morning Trips?

MT: Our next song coming out is entitled “We Have No Time (For Now)” coming in July with a special music video we shot in May. We are recording a handful of singles to release in the fall along with finishing the recording of 2 EP’s. Also live music is coming back, so we will probably play a handful of local and regional shows!

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick





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