Never has a title of a song been more fitting than “Abyss” by Chafa. As soon as it starts, a somber wave of sound encompasses you and from there you are taken to a scene we have seen played out in many tales about the end of days. 

From horror movies depicting the undead to natural disasters tearing the world to pieces, songs like “Abyss” are natural soundtracks for such stories as it has a beautiful way of embracing what it means to stare out into a void of nothing and feel overcome with a myriad of emotions from sadness to despair. It is simple, yet striking; sad, yet invigorating.

The lot going on in these three and a half minutes mirror what Chafa was going through in his own life at the time. He took what he calls a “difficult phase” in his existence and spun it into a song that yet melancholy, is a wonderful piece of music that has the power to resonate with many who, like himself, are trying to find their way back from their own personal low point. 

Chafa is a self-taught musician who grew up taking in everything from classic rock and hip hop to classical and jazz. Today he channels his influences, personal experiences, and emotion into art that has taken him everywhere from the Big Apple to the Big Easy. 

Those interested in music that evokes an emotional response can check out “Abyss” by Chafa, available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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