“Bleedways” by Said Sara

Said Sara (David Benson) is a musical magpie who draws diverse influences from an eclectic career in metal, punk, folk, electronic music, and everything in between. Yet his new single, “Bleedways,” is his and his alone, an emphatic expression of individualism that resists easy description or definition. Sara’s diverse musical DNA results in a kaleidoscopic sonic world that is at simultaneously unrestrained and highly trained. The result is not so much a watered-down blend as it is a unique synergy of sound that forges its own path.

There is a cultivated roughness to Sara’s punchy and concise vocal gestures, the graveled timbre of his punk and metal imbued voice, the sincerity of his almost percussive guitar playing, and the compelling simplicity of his banjo rolls. It is hard not to sense a feeling of restless interiority within the hypnotic instrumental accompaniment, expressive singing, and occasional shout, a paradoxical tension between a deep inner experience and a richly communicative musical language.

“Bleedways” is a beautifully paced song, dominated by guitar and voice but gradually joined by banjo, percussion, vocal layering, and subtle electronic effects in a way that immediately recaptures your attention. Yet the track does not just sound good; Sara’s lyrics also deserve notice. The prose evokes pure poetry, an evocative combination of blunt literalism and rich symbolism, sometimes direct, other times impenetrably abstract, but always deeply expressive.

The long-time collaborative musician-turned-solo act deserves the new moniker he has given himself. “Bleedways” represents a large step in a journey of artistic rebirth, one that offers a promising future that you will definitely want to keep an eye on.

“Bleedways” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Jacob Jahiel





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