Artist Interview: “My Way” by Lucrezia

Q: My Way has very commanding lyrics that put you in control. What was the creative process behind your song?

Lucrezia: The idea was to talk about an unfaithful partner and condemn his actions as if they were a deadly sin. During the songwriting process, me and one of my co-writers thought about Dante’s Inferno and the idea was to have me impersonating Lucifer (Satan, the ruler of Hell), reigning over all the damned souls that committed sins during their life on Earth.

Q: With an Italian background, how do you try to incorporate that style into all of your music?

Lucrezia: I am very proud of my Italian background. I do always tend to add some references to Italian culture / history / traditions to my songs, as this has always been (and still is) a very relevant part of my life, even if i’ve been living in the UK for many years. One clear example is the whole concept of Dante’s Inferno in ‘My Way’ (2021); but also the references to the noble figure of Lucrezia Borgia in ‘Take it and Run’ (2020) and the references to the gin martini cocktail in ‘Peace of Mind’ (2020). I love mixing English and Italian in my songs, and a lot of people (especially those who do now speak Italian) have been saying that it sounds ‘amazing’ and even if they have no idea of what i’m saying, they’d still go ahead and listen to it because it sounds ‘sick’. In addition, Italian is the language of opera / classical music, which means that it has its own musicality and it does have the potential of sounding great.

Q: Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

Lucrezia: I’d love to collaborate with Rihanna and 6lack. Rihanna has been one if my biggest influences since I was a little girl and she still is one of my favourite artists of all times. 6lack is my favorite male artist and I think he makes any song that he jumps on sound 10 times better!

Q: What has been one of the highlights in your music career so far?

Lucrezia: There has been a lot of highlights actually ! I do appreciate every single person that comes forward and shows appreciation to my music, every ‘pre-save’, every nice comment, every ‘share’, and more generally speaking, anyone who shows some sort of interest in my songs. Making and releasing music that people can enjoy, relate to, dance to, cry to, vibe to… that’s the true highlight for me!

Q: What are you doing when you aren’t working on music?

Lucrezia: Probably listening to some true crime podcast or watching some crime documentary. I am obsessed with criminology, and this is definitely where I got my inspiration for ‘My Way’!

Q: What projects are currently in the works?

Lucrezia: More singles and music videos ! My ‘sound’ and musicality is constantly changing and I am very open to try new musical paths and directions. I’m constantly looking to expand my sound design and release songs that sound different than the ones I released before.

Interviewed by Ethan Thompson





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