Artist Interview: “Hindsight” by House Parties

Q: I love the sound of House Parties, it’s has a very nostalgic vibe to it, how did the 4 of you come together?

HOUSE PARTIES: We came together in sort of an odd way. Spencer and I used to be in an old band together, and when that project parted ways, we knew we wanted to keep making music together. Right now we’re going through changes of members, but we found Ryan and Angel through another band called “New Heroes” also based in Denton, Texas. We’re great friends with them and so when we started the band up, they wanted to help fill in.

Q: The lead singer Chaney is also a solo singer, how has that affected House Parties?

A: It’s definitely affected the band in a positive way. I make Tik Toks of pop-punk covers and they’ve gotten attention. I did one of Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo which blew up back in February, and I’ve gained such a following that when people discover that I’m also in a band, it gives us more fans and following.

Q: Being a female-fronted band, what is the message you want to give to the women listening to you?

HOUSE PARTIES: That no matter what, women can do anything they want. We can be loud, angry, emotional, and vulnerable as much as we need to. If someone tells you that you can’t do something, that’s more of a reason to go do it. Shove it in their face and prove them wrong.

Q: Being from a small town in Texas, how has that affected your music?

HOUSE PARTIESIt sure hasn’t been a cakewalk. We really have to fight to stand out amongst the other fantastic local bands not only in Denton, but in DFW and all of Texas. I will say though, the fans that we do make here are some of the best. Denton in general is such a supportive town for all kinds of artists and creatives.

Photos by: Faith Alesia (@faithalesiavisuals )
Photos by: Faith Alesia (@faithalesiavisuals )

Q: You tend to write music about trauma, mental health, and relationships, which inspired you to write “Hindsight?”

HOUSE PARTIES“Hindsight” treads more on the relationship side; friendships especially. It’s about a friend who will constantly be in a cycle with you. One day they throw you to the wolves, just to save you and act as if they’ve always cared about you, just to turn around and do it all over again. The song is more of an anthem for finally putting your foot down and looking after yourself.

Q: This is your first single released, what is coming up next for House Parties?

HOUSE PARTIES: I can’t say anything but let’s just say we have quite a bit of things planned for 2021.

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick




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