“Blame” by The Hollow Roots

You can taste the bourbon and the whole slab of ribs painted with Memphis tangy barbeque sauce just from listening to blues-rock band The Hollow Roots’ single “Blame.” Still, you know that the song makes everything taste so much better because everyone knows good music in a bar or restaurant makes everything taste better.

“Blame” is the first of the many singles from the band released to the public during the summer. The band is preparing to release their EP “Modern Medicine” this fall, in which “Blame” will be included, and you can’t blame them—the song is outstanding.

Those sweeping guitar melodies are so hip and tasteful. Blues sounds phenomenal when one instrument plays against the others to stand out while blending, and The Hollow Roots did an extraordinary thing with making those guitar melodies be heard. You can’t ignore the fact that the lead vocals are delicious, mainly because of the grunginess. Just from hearing the guitar solo initially, you feel the song’s energy level goes to a 10, and just when you think the energy can’t go any higher, the lead vocals rip in and electrify everything.

“Blame” lyrics speak on growth and self-reflection, something we can all relate to. The high energy in the song makes you feel good about yourself, so if you’re in desperate need of help with self-reflecting and growth, then do yourself a favor and listen to “Blame” and let the song guide you.

The Hollow Roots are still growing, but we look forward to following them on their journey as they produce superior music.

Written by Taylor Berry

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