“Lucky Ones” by Giulia.

There’s a sort of warmth and relief that flows from Canadian singer-songwriter Giulia. ’s single “Lucky Ones,” which is from her unreleased EP, “Night Before,” coming out June 25. The indie-folk single is a breath of fresh air with its simple beat, calming acoustic guitar fingerpicking style, and Giulia. ’s soft vocals. The track is bittersweet and intimate, with dreamy, relaxing, and rustic vibes. Giulia. ’s soft and air-like singing is mesmerizing and has you hanging on to every word.

While listening, your imagination may pull you to a field full of flowers or railroad tracks, but that’s for a reason. Those symbolize freedom, which is precisely what this track is. Giulia. did not only bless us with her songwriting and singing talents in this piece, but she also gave us hope. “Lucky Ones” is about finding the beauty in things that no one normally would, and despite the terrible stuff that has occurred in our world, Giulia’s single is an inspiration to take back the freedom we think we lost.

The song proves that indie folk music doesn’t necessarily have to have the “typical” instrumental set up (guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard), meaning indie-folk can be diversified as long as the instruments used are compatible with the song. Giulia. wrote “Lucky Ones” with her dad using a guitar and piano, and what may have seemed like a sweet father and daughter moment was more than that. With or without realizing it, the two created pure magic.

There is no doubt that Giulia. will go far in her music career, and we are more than excited to see what the future has in store for her.   

Written by Taylor Berry

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