“Let’s Talk About the Weather” by Stella

Everyone has been a part of a conversation that died, but the silence was much worse so that grueling question comes out, “so how about the weather”. This loaded question has many more implications than just rain or snow; the other person wants to talk still but is out of things to say. They’re hoping this can blossom into something to talk about because ultimately they enjoy conversing with you. “Let’s talk about the weather” manages to capture that feeling of companionship and present it in a very cool way.

Funky guitars and tasty drum fills greet you on the first song of the EP. A very collected Stella provides melodic lines over top, that complement and enriches the texture. Through every crescendo the band was right behind her, supporting her. As a result nobody ever really felt overpowered. Transitioning to the new groove was seamless, for instance. It added depth and was just awesome. Layered vocals throughout create warm harmonies that weave in and out of the melody.

The passion exhibited throughout is tangible, everybody is clearly comfortable with their roles. All parts are interesting in their own respect, yet they work together to help the vocals tell their story. Poetic lyrics alongside intricate jazzy harmonies aid the storytelling and really help paint the scene for the listener. Coffee shop vibes help every song feel like a conversation. Like a conversation, these songs drift between intricate highs and mellow lows.

Cool bass licks and intimate lyrics keep everything fresh. Oftentimes EP’s end up a miscellaneous collection of songs that don’t necessarily fit onto albums. “Let’s talk about the weather” feels very much like a project that can stand on its own, however. Themes of love and reconciliation can be felt in every song. Raw almost instrumental vocal lines are delivered comfortably alongside a choir of backing vocals.

Exploring the depth of their sound on the final track didn’t feel out of place or out of their comfort zone. The only song with a full feature guitar solo was thoughtful and fit the whole aesthetic to a T. Verses that meander between rapping and singing are met with dreamy choruses that create an airy beauty to close out the EP. Sounding almost like spoken word poetry, “Paint Me A Picture” wraps everything up with a nice ribbon.

Consistent mellow vibes kept everything feeling comfortable. Everything felt like it was delivered by a close friend, from the first entrance to the last guitar chord on the bonus track, it all felt like it was delivered by a close friend. Creative grooves met this familiarity and kept me on my toes. By the time I had finished my first listen everything had felt like it had already been on a playlist for a while. A phenomenal debut EP.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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