“Demons” by Justine Eltakchi

Coming to terms with mental health is a theme many of us are experiencing coming out of a very hectic 2020. In her newest single “Demons”, Australian pop artist Justine Eltakchi confronts the toxic people and energies in her life. Her powerful vocals are met with an almost festival EDM sound to create a dance tune with lyrics that paint a clear message. It’s time to turn a new leaf.

Splashy open synths help push the song along while Justine explores delicate vocal melodies. Similar to artists like Halsey or Zara Larsson, electronics help deepen the texture without getting in the way. Lyrics never seem to be too wordy and every entrance feels fitting. Similarly, the drums are sporadic yet busy. There’s no consistent groove, but the song feels supported through its entirety.

Although the tone of the song is about mental health, a topic that most people avoid, everything is said with ease. The confrontational lyrics feel very different than a confrontation, however. Because of this, “Demons” feels like it comes from a place of acceptance. There’s no more discourse on how to make things better; her mind is already made up.

The recurring synthesizer riff feels natural and helps keep that bouncy energy that contrasts the seriousness of the lyrics. As a result, the song feels uplifting and fun to dance to without sacrificing the intent. Justine Eltakchi sounds absolutely stunning throughout, providing beautiful vocals that hang gently above it all. Her presence is palpable resulting in a performance that is both enriching and entertaining.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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