“Friction” EP by Eleri Ward

It’s impossible to get enough of New York-based singer Eleri Ward. Throughout her newly released five-track masterpiece, “Friction,” the singer’s voice drips of milk and honey — the most astonishing thing you’ll ever hear. The blend of electronic pop and R&B, dynamics in instrumentals, and Ward’s delicious vocals make Ward’s sophomore EP enjoyable and adventurous.

Amid the first lockdown, Ward wrote the five songs that address the frictions in many types of relationships. She collaborated with producer Allen Tate, Sean McVerry (beats and synth bass), and Tyler McDiarmid (additional guitar, mixing, and mastering) to birth the great EP. She was not only the vocals but also played the guitar and keyboard.

What a genius idea to have “Go Too Far” introduce people to Ward’s soul-penetrating vocals. Ward’s phenomenal range and vocal dynamics breathe life into the song, especially when she sings, “I don’t wanna go too far,” and holds the last note, which is clean and spectacular. The warm harmonies and vibrant instrumentation give the song an infectious joyful vibe. It’s a must to acknowledge how mind-blowing the vocal solo at the end was.

Sexy, profound, and empowering are the ways to describe the track titled “More.” The song talks about how physical intimacy is not the only important thing in relationships. She expresses the fact that intellectual and emotional intimacy are also crucial in relationships using the lyrics, “use your lips to do more than just kiss me, it’s on the tip of your tongue so tell me that you missed me.” “Hologram” is an excellent emotional song with billboard-worthy lyrics like, “I’m not the projection of a woman for your benefit, I’m not just an image that you look at when you’re feeling it, I won’t disappear you see me right here, you know who I am, but you make me feel like a hologram.”

The melodic guitar and harmonies in “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It” are stunning, and a bit of Sara Bareilles and Queen Herby is heard in Ward’s vocals. Ward clearly didn’t hold back on this song because of how immaculate her R&B-style and smooth runs are.

“Mess” is the last and sexiest track on the EP. The beat, flow, harmonies, and dynamics make the song easy to vibe with. The song is like a rollercoaster where the instrumentals are the tracks, and the vocals are the cart; together, they work beautifully and harmoniously. While there are surprising twists, turns, and stops, but that feeling of intrigue and excitement remains the entire time.

Ward successfully demonstrates her musical talents brilliantly in “Friction,” and there is no doubt that many will enjoy listening to the mesmerizing EP. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

Written by Taylor Berry

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