“Komorebi” by Masa

Translating things isn’t always linear, and oftentimes the meaning behind words is lost behind the cultural barrier. For instance, “Komorebi” represents the faint light that passes through a tree. Although this is not a literal translation, Masa manages to capture the essence with their new single. Drifting dreamily over cool melodic lines that wouldn’t feel out of place in a hotel lobby, this song finds beauty in calm relaxing tones.

Jazzy harmonies allow for smooth vocals to float from one melody to the next. With gentle drums that are content being more felt than heard, there is no shortage of subtlety. The way the melody was passed along felt seamless, allowing the energy to simply drift. From the delivery of the lyrics to the backing vocals, everything works together to create a song unlike any other. 

Playing a unique role, the guitar provides the basis for the groove at points. At others used to provide a quick fill then fading away. Without overshadowing anything else going on its use supported the serene vibe of the song. Lyrics like “The way you hear the world is how the world exists to you” sum up the overarching theme of the song and fit right in alongside everything else going on.

Never feeling the need to say too much or add too much to the texture, “Komorebi” feels atmospheric. It delivers its message without feeling the need to be directly in your face. Fading into silence feels fitting and leaves a moment to ponder before moving on. Sounding totally unique, this song fits its name perfectly.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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