“Fifteen Minutes More” by Inner Psyche

Simply trying to keep up with the hustles and bustles of life can make putting yourself on the backburner all too easy. Throw in work, friends, relationships and crazy families, and it feels almost impossible to look after yourself. Chicago-based artist Inner Psyche dives into this exact conundrum on their latest track. With nothing but their robust vocals and trusty guitar, Inner Psyche traverses the subject of the self on their new single, ‘’Fifteen Minutes More’’.

Inner Psyche is the moniker created by Lexi Moon. The self-described ‘’brainchild’’ of the songwriter, singer and guitarist, Inner Psyche is the manifestation of Moon’s actualised self. In ‘’Fifteen Minutes More’’, Inner Psyche agrees that you may feel like a different person day-by-day, but this is all a part of the process.

‘’Fifteen Minutes More’’ starts simple. But as soon as the sturdy 2/4 drum beat, tambourine and rhythmic claps begin, your foot can’t help but tap along with it. The acoustic guitar strums, announcing itself as the focal point of the song. The rich layering of this subtly powerful instrument converys that sometimes, a fantastic acoustic progression is all that’s needed to make a tune truly ear-catching. The crisp, bright backing track pairs well with songs from indie-rock stars of the 1990s, such as R.E.M or The Dandy Warhols. However, Inner Psyche proves that a great acoustic guitar is timeless across the decades.  

The opening verse appears to reference the beginning of a day, whereby Inner Psyche is pondering whom they want to be. Waking up and feeling like a different person than the night before is certainly a relevant feeling to anyone figuring themselves out, which is basically everybody. Inner Psyche sings: ‘’What should I become today? Only seconds to decide/Just fifteen minutes left, fifteen minutes more’’. Inner Psyche’s relatable lyricism is what draws the listener in. The artist delves into self uncertainty, a feeling that we have all been in touch with at some point in our lives.

In the chorus, is it unclear whether Inner Psyche is addressing themselves or the listener. However, the song’s ability to strike a chord within both artist and listener is what makes it so charming. Inner Psyche’s euphonious voice really is astounding. They sing ‘’keep your hand on the clock/keep your hand on the lock and pray’’ and advise us to ‘’let your guard down’’. This radical self acceptance that Inner Psyche advocates for in ‘’Fifteen Minutes More’’ is one of the many things that make this artist special.

Despite the arguably serious lyric matter, the backing track is light, sunny and charming. The acoustic guitar remains the centrepiece, but Inner Psyche inserts a solo from a distorted electric guitar for flare. The echoing, whimsical sound cascades over you like running water. It is refined with a 60s psychedelic twist, and upon listening, I felt that I had briefly time travelled to Woodstock.

‘’Fifteen Minutes More’’ conveys that although figuring yourself out feels like an endless rubik’s cube sometimes, writing a song about it can certainly help. ‘’Fifteen Minutes More’’ is out now.

Written by Sadie Willis-Falkiner



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