“Iron Throne” by Nick Almighty

It’s about time. That’s what you’ll think when you listen to “Iron Throne” by upcoming rapper Nick Almighty. Not only does this beast spit mad bars, but he also speaks the truth on what real rap is, and it’s about time someone does. One thing that’s for sure, Nick Almighty took us back to the roots of Hip Hop.

The most important thing about the song is the nostalgia associated with it. Immediately, you start thinking of rappers like Jay Z because “Iron Throne” sounds like something you’d hear on a Jay Z album. Additionally, the roots of rap consisted of rappers who were afraid to speak the truth and had something to say. Nick Almighty fits into that category — Nick Almighty had something to say about mumble rap, which has been a considerable debate about whether it classifies as “real” rap and, honestly, “Iron Throne” shut down that debate successfully.

Surprisingly, Nick Almighty began bluesy, something you don’t typically hear anymore with modern rap, specifically one genre blended with another. Nick demonstrated how diverse he is by combining blues and Hip Hop in “Iron Throne” — a clear indication that this beast is a musical prodigy and musical genius.

You can’t ignore those deep and honest lyrics Nick rapped. While it may seem like a dis-track to mumble rappers, this seemed more like an instruction manual, the perfect example of what real rap is: transparent, meaningful, and authentic.

Nick Almighty is a king in his art, and no one can take this king from his iron throne.

Written by Taylor Berry

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