“Cada Mañana” by J. Levi

 You know that moment when you have a song stuck in your head, and you can’t help yourself but dance or, possibly, sing to the little tune? Well, be prepared for the same thing to happen you check out singer-songwriter J. Levi’s single “Cada Mañana.” But don’t say you didn’t get a warning.

For starters, it’s mandatory to talk about how sweet the song is. He wrote this song for his lovely wife after she requested it. Let’s hope he didn’t give her diabetes after listening to this super sweet and romantic song. The remarkable and heart-warming lyrics make us all want the special love these two have—admit it, you’re jelly!

While the song is sweet, Levi’s husky vocals add a bit of muscle to the single. There’s no way you can get enough of his vocals. His voice blends perfectly well with the instrumentals, and they both don’t overpower each other, which is fantastic.

Like mentioned before, the hook will get stuck in your head, but positively, because of how catchy it is. So, whether you’re working or cleaning, you can’t help yourself but dance to the hook going off in your head—but don’t get mad, just enjoy it!

One thing that is appreciative about this song is the simplicity of the tight beat and harmonies because they allow the lyrics to shine. So many songs focus on the instrumentation, but sometimes the lyrics need special attention, in which Levi allowed his lyrical skills to shine through.

“Cada Mañana” is beautiful and is an excellent example of what true love is.

Written by Taylor Berry

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