“Lost in the Fire” by LDRDO

LDRDO (pronounced El Dorado) is an instrumentalist, music producer and a song writer. The 35 year old from Tel-Aviv, played and produced everything himself off the first released EP “Lost in the Fire.” There was a lot of energy and efforts put into the EP including the artwork, which is inspired by the “8 swords” tarot card. 8 Swords represents leaving the past behind, and moving forward to the unknown blindfolded, not knowing what the future holds for us.

Thanks to the killer middle eastern guitar riffs and the powerful lyrics of “W. Monroe,” it’s easy to see why it’s the second most played song off the recently released EP “Lost in the Fire.” This particular song makes you answer the questions asked such as ” Where do you go when you got nowhere to grow?” Being inside for a year makes you realize that growing is hard when you are stuck, “W Monroe” forces you to look within at what you have been trying to avoid.

There are always moments in life where you feel overwhelmed, due to COVID a lot of people are all too familiar with this feeling. It has been very hard to relax and to allow yourself to feel something. The reason “Bonus Jam” is the number one listened to song (with over 18,000 listens) is because it will allow you to breathe and relax the way you haven’t been. It takes the pressure off you and your shoulders start to feel less heavy. It’s the groovy guitar riffs that will bring you inner calmness.

“Darkest Hour” is the one to check out, with its deep bass kicks and funky guitar solo, it’ll have you bobbing your head and ready to start your day. If you need a pick-me-up song “Darkest Hour” is great for going on a run to get you out of a funk. This is the perfect song for any occasion like a polite/chill mosh pit with your friends ( if you’re into that sort of thing).

“Lost in the Fire” is the first EP from LDRDO. If you’re looking for psychedelic meets electronic meets chill, definitely need to check out LDRDOs recently released EP, it provides that and more. Take the free trip you deserve.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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