Rapper and songwriter Yog’s single “Pick Up” is a hot banger and the perfect song to vibe during the summer. From the beats to the bars, “Pick Up” has this fresh and smooth nature that makes the song easy to vibe with. This is definitely the song to add to that summer playlist.

Everyone can agree that Yog’s bars in this single are incredible, even if there wasn’t a beat. The way the rapper can have his audience bobbing their heads with his rhythm and flow skills is fascinating and shows that Yog is an artist who knows what he’s doing.

While many people hate autotune because they don’t know why it’s used, one way to see it is to think of it as a condiment. We use condiments to enhance the flavor of whatever we are eating — exactly what autotune does. Autotune enhances the vocals, and Yog’s autotune vocals are perfection in the track.

The simplicity in the lyrics makes it easier to understand what Yog is talking about in the song. We all have someone terrible at communicating their feelings, and Yog did a fantastic job expressing exactly how we all feel in the piece.

Overall, “Pick Up” is more than incredible; it’s a saucy banger many people will enjoy and need to add to their playlists. Obviously, Yog is an emerging artist and, from the sounds of “Pick Up,” he’s just getting started and is going to go places, which we are all excited to see.

Written by Taylor Berry

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