Artist Interview: “Feels Good” by Kin Crew

Q: I love the fact that “Feels Good” is about how addictive toxic relationships can be, what was your creative process in making “Feels Good?”

KIN CREW: It was written from a personal experience. Both of us were in relationships in which we went down dark holes losing friends, family, and losing ourselves. Knowing they were toxic for some reason just couldn’t let go. It’s only when you look back at it you could see how dangerous and wrong it was.

Q:  It’s been said that Kin Crew is an award winning artist/producer duo, what award was granted to Kin Crew?

KIN CREW: We won Inspirational Record Of The Year at the Nova Scotia Music Awards. We’ve also been nominated for Electronic Artists of the year & Dance Record Of The Year at the East Coast Music Awards.

Q: What was the feeling when you found out that you were the 15th most viral song on Canadian Spotify?

KIN CREW:  First confusion then in awe. We were super blessed to be picked up by so many amazing playlists that helped us get our song out there, let alone to have it ranked top 15th for viral. It was a super cool achievement for us!

Q: Who are the two guys of Kin Crew and how did the duo get started?

KIN CREWThere is Gee & Brandon. We have been best friends since grade 4. We met playing lacrosse & then in grade 5 we ended up going to the same school. We had an off and on friendship when we first started, but by after grade 9 we were joined at the hip. We’ve traveled completely different lives but still remained best friends and ended up in the same place. We started Kin Crew about 6 years ago and have been experimenting, and finding ourselves ever since!

Q: What is coming up next for you?

KIN CREWWe have our EP coming out in August! Including some of the most personal music we’ve ever made. On top of the fact we decided to step back from producers to be the lead artists. Producing was great and we had a lot of success but it didn’t overly make us happy. So we decided to put our best step forward and put our heart and sole into this. Leading us to really opening up as artists!

Q: Any parting words to your fans?

KIN CREW: We greatly appreciate each and every one one of you. We love to connect and meet everyone we can! Our goal is to help and touch as many people as possible while spreading joy and art to the world. Because of everyone of you we are able to and we love you for that!!

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick





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