“Girl I Never Knew” by UnderwaterSun

There’s a point in everyone’s life when you meet someone and totally hit it off, platonically or romantically. For whatever reason however, that doesn’t blossom into what it could have. Left with just the memory of how great your interactions were, there’s a sense of longing, but not regret. UnderwaterSun covers these complex emotions and more on their new song “Girl I Never Knew”.

Raw vocals deliver melodic lines about a lost love. Everything feels fragile, yet secure in its message. I loved how the drums sounded paired with the rhythmic guitar. They kept the song pushing along while maintaining that easy-going summer kind of feel. Driven by these voices, everything else just seems to float along. 

Whistling through one of the verses helps keep the song feeling atmospheric and light. Using backing vocals sparingly made it all come together intimately. Even when the song was in full swing it maintained that feeling of closeness; never sounding too busy or crowded. This helped whenever the recurring melody was handed between voices.

The consistent swing delivered by the guitar is as catchy as it is supportive of the melody. It’s intricate and fun, but whenever a voice is added it seems to just fade away. The solos it provides at the end groove and really encapsulate the energy of it all.

Self reflection and longing tinge the lyrics of “Girl I never Knew” yet there’s no regret or remorse. Instead, the chorus highlights the optimism with lines talking about how fun it is to be in love. This fits the vibe of the song, and in conjunction with the atmosphere the band creates, showcases the strengths of UnderwaterSun.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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