Artist Interview: “Bad Habits” by No Vacancies

Q: What or who was the bad habit that inspired the song?

NO VACANCIES: Ok so the song was written back in 2019 and it wasn’t written so much about one bad habit solely but all the bad habits that everyone has as a collective. About how we all seem to live our lives around our bad habits or for our bad habits.

Q: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

NO VACANCIES: Our sound and style is based off of good old indie rock and roll but with a bit of grit and soul. We would say we are the heavier sound of indie rock.

Q:  We see you have worked with number one producer Al Groves, what was the creative process in making “Bad Habits”?

NO VACANCIES: The creative process and time spent working with Al was a fantastic experience. We felt we had to invest in the music and give it our all to finally give the song the sonic presence it deserves. Al and Loïc (the engineer) both brought out the best in us and gave us another perspective on the song. We hope that everyone enjoys whats to come from the release. Also whats to come from that session in the future.

Q: How did your band members initially come together?

NO VACANCIESAs a band we are funnily from everywhere. Me and George moved from Birmingham to Manchester in 2019 to pursue the idea of this band. We then met the bassist Benji by chance of sharing a rehearsal space together. Then finally Cedric who moved from France to England in perfect timing of our previous guitarist leaving the band. We believe the saying “Everything happens for a reason” comes into play here.

Q: This is a favorite for the group to play, what makes it so special?

NO VACANCIESThe song has always received a great reaction when played live even when it was just me and George playing the song as a two piece band back in Birmingham. The song has a big sonic presence live and since being re-visited it’s gotten even bigger. It’s always fun to play those songs which have grown and developed over time as you can have more fun as you’re comfortable with it.

Q: “Bad Habits” is a re-release, what is coming next for No Vacancies?

NO VACANCIES: The new release ‘BAD HABITS’ is only the start of whats to come from us as a band from this point on. We can’t say too much but Bad Habits wasn’t the only song recorded at the Motor Museum.

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick





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