Artist Interview: “Trauma” by LyricalGenes

Q: To me, lyrics are the most important aspect to music. Your lyrics are very emotional in “Trauma”. What was your inspiration behind this track?

Lyricalgenes: The day I wrote the instrumental and lyrics to “Trauma”, I went through a recurring situation where a female friend wants to take the next step in the relationship; however, I am extremely reluctant to do so because of my past trauma. “Trauma” is one of the first songs that I openly discuss and illustrate love and depression. Within “Trauma” I am not talking about myself in some instances. In one line, I state, “I think I’m slightly addicted to drama.” Personally, I do not like drama and abstain from it at all costs because I feel it can drain energy. The reason I said that line, along with other subliminally implicated lyrics, is to somewhat demonstrate what depression can do. Depression can control a person in a way where an individual can end up disliking what they actually admire. On the other hand, depression can control a person in a way where an individual latches on to something “negative”, regardless if they like it or not. 


Q: What first got you into music? Is your family musical?

Lyricalgenes: Actually, my catalyst for music and book publishing was influenced by my mother. My mother insisted that I write everything I felt in a notebook. Overtime I became bored with merely writing sentences about how I feel; therefore, sentences turned into rhymes, rhymes turned into poems, and 30 second poems turned into 3 – 4 minute songs. On the other hand, my grandmother was also in a band during her high school years. My grandmother played the clarinet along with my mother. Due to this reasoning, I also played the clarinet growing up, as well as ukulele (my favorite instrument) and some percussion.

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician?

Lyricalgenes: My pivotal moment was my realization that music is very therapeutic and eye opening. To some extent, I am an emotionally reserved person; therefore, I use music to say how I feel and my mind to create what I feel. Furthermore, by constantly writing music, I feel it has opened up my mind to philosophy and spirituality due to the fact that I tell stories from what I observe. From these observations, I have to see every side to a story and unbiasedly express it through song.


Q: The internet is a huge part of the music industry now. In your opinion, do you think it’s impacted the industry in a positive or negative way?

Lyricalgenes: This is a question that has a multi-faceted answer. Business wise, social media is amazing due to the fact that an individual can remain in connection with someone no matter where they are or where they are from. In addition, businesses can promote their talent, products, brand, etc. on a plethora of platforms to gain exposure and retention. On the other hand, since the internet and social media makes it easier for anyone to make a song or promote a product, for instance, it can be harder to spark a person’s attention let alone retain it since, as the saying goes, “everyone can do it.” With that being said, one must bring something to the table that is different from everyone else. This is why I advocate for people to be themselves because no other person is like you; therefore, if you remain yourself, you are unique.


Q: I see that the music video for “Trauma” is a play on the movie “Get Out”. Can you take me through your creative process in coming up with that concept?

Lyricalgenes: Actually, my videographer and friend, Dominic Forniti (Half Past 12) came up with that idea. Dominic has a passion for film and the arts with a plan to help up and coming creatives thrive in their profession. Alike myself. Dominic has the ability to think on the spot during the filming of a music video, short film, etc; therefore, with “Trauma”, Dominic developed his vision on how the film would be constructed, as we traveled to various locations. For instance, in the beginning of “Trauma”, the viewers see me looking at a beautiful pink sky (inspired by Jaden Smith’s “ERYS” album). Obviously, this cannot be planned as the weather is sporadic, especially in Cleveland (our hometown). In addition, the clips where I am standing underneath a light pole, walking over a bridge, seemingly staring into an abyss, were honestly not planned. Since Dominic watches an array of movies everyday, he is able to spark inspiration from anything; therefore, Dominic had a vision for how my lyrics in “Trauma” could correlate with “Get Out”. And it turned out amazing!

Q: How has studying at Cleveland State made an impact on your music career?

Lyricalgenes: Well, I will be at Cleveland State this fall, so since I do not take my first class until August, I can tell you what graduating from Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) was like and how I plan to bring my talents to the Cleveland State campus. At Tri-C, I graduated with my associates degree in Liberal Arts. During my two years there, coincidentally I actually made the basketball theme song for Cleveland State University entitled, “Passion”, I won Rapper of the Year at their annual Hip-Hop Homecoming night, made their basketball theme song called, “Royalty” and made the video with the Tri-C video department, made the Cleveland Browns’ official hype song entitled “Motivated” and was featured on Fox News for my song. During my two years at Tri-C (at 17 and 18 years old), I became heavily interested in the business of music and entertainment in general. I connected with record producers, learned from businessmen who have managed big acts (like David Spero; who manages The Eagles, Bad Company, and is one of my mentors for the music business). Apart from this, I learned a lot about myself as well during the college experience. While attending Cleveland State University, the plan is to promote my brand, image, and likeness on campus by performing live shows, for example, while always keeping my family/team by my side.


Q: What has been one of the highlights of your music career so far?

Lyricalgenes: One of the highlights of my music career is definitely giving other passionate creatives chances and opportunities in music, film, and sports. I have always felt and said that one of my purposes is to literally help people, whether that be genuinely bonding with someone who feels like an outcast, being the person to help initiate a person’s goal, educating someone on the business of entertainment, making relatable music, the list goes on. I’m not a big fan of cliches; however, helping others in a fair manner is something that I feel is necessary.


Q: Do you have any projects currently in the works?

Lyricalgenes: Absolutely! My fifth beat tape will be released on August 6th, 2021. I have a single called “Sophisticated Ignorance” that will be released on July 14th (four days before my birthday!) as well as the video coming soon. I have a compilation EP that features five popular and newly remastered songs of mine. I also have three new singles and videos that will be released in the coming months. Business wise, I have been making deals in regard to getting my music broadcasted as well as ensuring that my videos are always circulating at film festivals. Lastly, since I have made 100 youtube videos, put out 10 music projects (5 beats tapes, 3 albums, and 2 EP’s), and published 7 books on Amazon, I am looking to move into the PR field in order to get my products and message in front of people’s eyes and ears to take my brand to the next level with my team and family by my side.

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano

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